Hemp Zipper Pouch


Monogrammed Hemp Zipper Pouch.  Need description here;

  • Do you want to have people choose the color of embroidery thread?  If so, I need the colors of thread available and a color swatch
  • Can they have full name? If so, what would the upcharge be? Would you charge per letter in the name? What If I wanted one that said “Lynn” instead of Monogram? Is there an option for that or do you want to create another product for “personalized makeup bag” where a person can put their name on it instead of monogram?
  • Should this go under Accessories instead of Home Decor?
  • Do you have pictures of these already embroidered so people can see the finished product
  • Are there multiple choices for Fonts? If so, we should put those on here and let them choose.  I would need examples of each monogram with the different fonts.

Additional information

Embroidery Thread Color

Red, Black, Gold, Pink, Yellow, Navy Blue

Monogram Design

font1, font2, font3